1. Approximately 500 – 1000 word essay addressing a specific topic as viewed through your faith or absence of it.
  2. Note the category and subcategory that you would like your submission to be included in. If it is not listed, we can add it!
  3. Please supply a picture, up to 5, to be placed in the body of the text with captions if necessary.
  4. If the submission is a book review, give the pertinent details so they can be included in the post: Title, Author, Publisher, Date, etc.
  5.  Include a generic biography, face photo if you desire, to be included in the post. Anonymous submissions will not be posted.
  6. The moderator will paste the text and picture into the blog along with bio and notify you when it is live.
  7. There can be more than one author.
  8. Text submissions will not be edited for grammar but format for ease of reading.
  9. No posts that are threatening or advocate violence of any sort will be accepted.
  10. All submissions are posted at the discretion of the editor of the website. More guidelines will probably be added. If you have a question, please contact us.